Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Easy, simple, and delish!  Right up my alley. Here kitty, kitty!  This sandwich, or sammie, since it is pretty tiny and just an addition to the full dinner, is a peanut butter and honey Panini pressed sammie.  I like to press the sandwiches if I am going to do some cookie-cutting to them because they cut much cleaner, but that is just my opinion.  Maybe someone else has a hint to get it to cut cleaner.  I try to let the sandwich cool about 10 minutes before cutting so it does not just ooze out the sides…but if the boys are hungry, I’ll certainly cut quicker! meow (3)


The eyes are raisins, the nose is my trusty chocolate yogurt covered raisin, and the whiskers are cucumber peels (using a trusty zester/stripper tool, similar to this one)


Augustus below, is loving checking it out, and even though he tends to freak out when food is “broken” – or cut in half, falls off, half eaten - this cat was too yummy to be upset about it not staying whole…whew!meow (2)

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