Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gobble Gobble!

So, this is not really my full idea.  I am sure moms for years have been making apple turkeys.  Right?  Fall, turkeys, making food fun.  I got the idea from my friend Sara’s suggestion to check out this site.  Very cool one for wicked clever ideas.


Any way, I skipped the paper faces on her version, took the inspiration, and made my own turkey faces out of mini-chocolate chips “glued” to the apple with peanut butter, and a wedge of a peach that I attached with a toothpick. Then I put in the plumage with four toothpicks out the top rear of the apple.  It was much easier to stick the toothpicks into the apples first and then slide the food onto the picks.  I used purple grapes and a special treat of mini marshmallows.  I like the original site’s mandarin feathers, but I thought the variety of colors and textures was fun.  I also loved the acorn sammies that I put with the turkey apple, just feeling a bit Fallish!  Check out the turkey sandwiches on the Cute Food for Kids site as well, so adorable and truly easy to do!

turkey apples (3)turkey apples (5)turkey apples (6)turkey apples closeup

We’ve been busy, lots of sickness around our house since Halloween, so we are getting back on track with eating and venturing out into the world.  Here is one cute meals the boys enjoyed at the zoo…but I am hoping for a little more inspiration now that the sickness seems to have the building!  These bamboo skewers have really made eating our grapes really fun lately.  Pretty much at least once a week we take these to a play date.  They help cut down on “escapee” grapes around the playground, and for that, I am thankful!


lunch out!


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