Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beachy Lunch

For you who may live in the north, or colder states, what could cheer you up more than a day at the beach?  Okay, so maybe that not in your budget, but how about making a little beachy meal for your little ones while sipping a virgin daiquiri?  Or, makes yours real, totally your choice.  The boys were surprised with this lunch when they returned from their Sunday trip to Home Depot with Daddy.  I am not going to lie, it is not something I would do for the boys daily, but when I have some extra time and helpers to entertain the boys, why not?

First, I cut the hot dog into thirds.  The parts that included an end were turned into octopus and I tried to make crabs out of the middles, but went back to more of a squid instead, because my crabs did not look very crabby.  To make the legs, lie the dog piece on its side and cut it half way up (not through the head so-to-speak), and then turn it a quarter turn and do it again.  You’ll have four legs at that point.  Then I found it easiest to stand the dog upright and cut each leg individually in order to help keep the legs equal thickness. octopus legs - how to cut them

Below, the eyes were being prepped with a little help from a straw. I stuck some processed cheese in the freezer for a  few minutes to help firm it up and be less melty when I put it on the hotdog. I used ketchup and mustard to help stick the eyes on.

cheesey eyes

octopus, eyes out of cheese, cut with straw

I used an edible pen to draw on some pupils and smiles, and let the squid and octopus play amongst the “sea beans.” The leftover piece of cheese was used to make a dock of sorts.  The finishing touch, if you don’t count the water spots on the plates courtesy of my dishwasher, were the cute umbrella toothpicks I picked up cheaply at Wal-Mart.octopus in sea beans and cheese dock, don't forget the umbrella! (2)octopus in sea beans and cheese dock, don't forget the umbrella!

Gus was happy to eat the octopus head first, hilarious!  And, in case you were wondering, yes, they ate it all, except the green beans, they only ate a few…I don’t think they liked my garlic salt addition…just means more veggies for dinner!

g showing how to eat an octopus



~ Brooke

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