Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Oh the places you’ll go!  That has to be my favorite Dr. Seuss book of all, but tonight’s meal inspired by Dr. Seuss really focuses on The Cat and the Hat, of course.  The boys love the new show on PBS, I love the books, but I have to admit, I am a bit of a sucker for the show since it focuses on science.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 are great having my own set of “things” as well.  I was inspired by this post on one of my favorite blogs, How Does She.  We did not pack lunches today, instead we had a low key, enjoy the beautiful weather day at home, but by dinner time I was inspired to celebrate in style.  Here is what I came up with.


Green Eggs and Ham – of course, it was Dr. Seuss’s best selling book after all.  However, I did two plays on this.  First, scrambled green eggs, with help from a few blue and yellow food coloring drips.  Second, I made a bird’s “nest” out of angel hair pasta swirled around my favorite go-to item, a silicone cupcake mold.  Then, I put the green “eggs” in, which were peas.  The pasta was the biggest hit, but I was shocked that Gus ate ALL of his scrambled eggs…something he suddenly stopped eating a few months back.  green eggs in progress

green eggs! with ham, toogreen eggs - aka peas, laid in a nest of angel hair pasta

The Cat in the Hat – I made my interpretation of his iconic hat, using strawberries cut into what we call coins (works well with a pirate-themed lunch) and banana coins, stacked on top of each other and assembled with a colorful toothpick.   I also cut out a cat from a cookie cutter, and had a ham cat and fish, two of the things I knew the boys would recognize. 

cat in the hat inspired snack!cat, fish, green eggs, ham, dr. seuss hats, birds nest with 'green' eggs, aka peasg, likes it...shovel, shovel

Enjoy! Have fun. 


  1. strawberries and bananas - why didn't I think of that! Genius! I am doing that next year. Love the bird nest also! So clever and fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas on HowDoesShe!

  2. What lovely memories you are making for your precious boys. Great blog, Brooke, and such a delightful way to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday with your little ones!